Technology Estimating

Earthwork 3D

  • Digitizing, analyzing, modeling, managing data, and quantifying dirt and materials
  • Enter plan data from PDF, TIF, CAD, or digitize from plans
  • Increased accuracy
  • Used for bidding projects and creating  takeoff models.  A precision 3D earthwork model is created for survey, grade control, and machine control.


GPS Surveying

  • Grade Checking
  • Topography
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Cross-Sections
  • Site Layout

Have a training program for employees on basic surveying

  • Grade Checker on each crew

Finish Grade Accuracy

  • We can grade sites within  ± .03

3-D MC

  • Measures the cutting edge elevation
  • Determines the design elevation from the job plans
  • Calculates the amount of Cut or Fill.
  • Commands the hydraulic control valve to position the cutting edge

We use Hard Dollar Estimating System to assemble an estimate.